Sometimes, all you need is the right advice and the right game plan.

We offer one-on-one coaching from attorneys that will give you the professional perspective and guidance that will prepare you to manage your own legal matter.

Having your own legal coach means:

  • Knowing all your rights. Having someone evaluate and advise you of your legal options.
  • Seeing big picture. Gaining expert insight into how a judge might rule or how to follow proper court procedure.
  • Making good decisions. Obtaining a range of realistic outcomes to help you make better decisions.
  • Accessing expert resources. Leveraging our contacts with reputable experts—accountants, appraisers or physicians—whose opinions may be the difference between winning or losing your case.
  • Establishing a reasonable timeline. Our extensive experience can give you inside perspective into the time required for various legal procedures.

Once you take advantage of legal coaching services, you can determine if you want to hire an attorney to implement your legal game plan. Whether or not you choose to hire a lawyer, understanding your problem is the most important factor in reaching a successful outcome. If you decide not to hire a lawyer, we are happy to share our legal resources so that you can effectively represent yourself.