Not all legal matters require a “full course” solution.

Sooner or later, most people face a situation that requires legal counsel or representation—from everyday decisions such as buying a house or drafting a will to more in-depth decisions such as dealing with insurance companies or adopting a child.

Many legal matters do not require costly and time-intensive “full course” legal representation.

LayLaw Legal is a legal resource that empowers everyday people with the information, tools and counsel they need to be more engaged in their legal pursuits. You can work with our professionals to determine the activities you want an attorney to handle, and which tasks you can handle without an attorney.

How does it work?

  • Legal Coaching: We start by listening and assessing your situation—engaging with you to develop a customized legal solution.
  • Legal Resources: We provide the resources you need resolve your legal matters.
  • Legal Representation: Our experienced attorneys provide representation where, and if, you need it.