Counsel You Control, Tools You Can Use.

To everyday people, the law and the legal process can be intimidating or confusing. Some law firms and attorneys take advantage of their expertise to keep you in the dark. The process leaves you with less information, less money and less control in the end.

At LayLaw Legal, we empower lay people – business owners, parents, working professionals, students, anyone – with the information, tools and professional counsel they need to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Participate in the legal process
  • Obtain professional high-quality legal support where necessary

LayLaw Coaching

Providing a customized legal “game plan” to address your legal situation.

LayLaw Consultations

Visit us, with or without an appointment.

LayLaw Documents

Legal forms, templates and links to free resources.


LayLaw Answers

Ask questions and get free responses from Attorney Kenneth D. Brown. All questions and responses are viewable by the public.